Why Wine and Paint Parties are Great for Team Building!

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team building wine and paint event

Team building activities foster unity, collaboration, and build office morale. While ‘team-building’ might conjure images of perilous trust falls and stale games of pass-the-parcel, a wine and paint party is an exciting, effective way of bringing people together.

Here are our top reasons why a paint ‘n’ sip should be your go-to team-building idea!

1. Choose Your Own Adventure

wine and paint team building event

Every private wine and paint party is tailored to you. We’ll let you pick the work of art we’ll be learning, and they style you’ll be working in.

Want to collaborate as a group? Time to get started on a grand mural! Want to see who the best artist in the team is? We can include a bit of healthy competition! Want to work in a different medium? From sculpting to mixed media to mosaics, we offer team building activities across all art forms.

2. They’re Social!

An Art in Bloom painting party is unlike any painting class you’ve ever been to. We’ve crafted our events to offer maximum fun in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Don’t feel tethered to your easel, get up and mingle, share a toast and get to know your colleagues better outside of the office (a wine and paint makes for a perfect office Christmas party!).

3. Share in the Learning

The best team building activities offer chances to learn something new as a group. Our tutors will help you go from newbie to art aficionado in the space of a couple of hours, and the shared experience of mastering a new skill together is a sure-fire way to bond.

4. In Vino Veritas

There’s nothing like a glass of wine or two for breaking the ice and getting to know someone on a whole new level. Paint ‘n’ sip your way to greater unity and trust within your group. More social than a regular painting class, more creative than drinks at the bar, a wine and paint party offers the best of both worlds.

5. We’ll Take Care of Everything!

Some team building activities require a tonne of planning. Not a wine and paint party! We’ll bring the art supplies, the wine, and can even organise the venue. Easy, fun, and memorable – a wine and paint party is the perfect team-building event!

Ready to bring your team together? Organise a private wine and paint party team building event here!

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