Best Birthday Gift Ideas

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birthday gift ideas wine and paint party

Everyone has at least one person in their life who is nigh on impossible to buy for. Lucky for you we’ve rounded up a sweet selection of birthday gift ideas that’ll please even the most selective of sorts!

1. A Wine and Paint Voucher

birthday gift ideas wine and paint party

Give the gift of art! And wine! Art in Bloom offers gift vouchers that are redeemable for any of our wine and paint events. This is the perfect way to give that special someone a delightful birthday experience while allowing them the flexibility to choose the date. Treat them to a painting class like no other!

Our paint ‘n’ sip events are swiftly becoming the go-to occasion for learning how to paint in a vibrant, social environment (wine in hand, of course). Teach someone to fish and they’ll never go hungry, teach them to paint and their walls will never go bare!

2. Perfect Skin

This is not your ordinary soap. Aesop produces a deluxe range of some of the world’s best balms, scents, and scrubs. Pick up one of their famed gift kits for a little bit of everything.

3. Not Socks

Anything but socks! While we can all appreciate a fine sock, there’s a time and a place and birthdays aren’t included (in our humble opinion). Shop quirky, clever, and unique gift ideas at this eclectic online boutique.

4. A Red Balloon Day

Looking for an experience rather than a ‘gift’ gift? Red Balloon Days specialise in curating some of New Zealand’s most unforgettable tours and experiences. Peruse their extensive catalogue and we’re sure you’ll find something to suit just about anyone.

5. Live Music

There’s nothing quite like experiencing live music in all its glory. Keep tabs on who’s coming to town here and snap up those early bird tickets for your person’s favourite artist. If the concert falls on their actual birthday maybe they’ll even get invited up on stage – you never know!

Reckon you can top our list of birthday gift ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Click here to get your wine and paint party voucher!

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