30th Birthday Party Ideas

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30th birthday ideas wine and paint

A 30th birthday is a big deal. There’s nothing new you can do at 30 that you can’t already do, but that’s no reason not to celebrate! Whether you’re planning one for yourself or somebody else, these 30th birthday party ideas are sure to mark the occasion in memorable fashion.

1 A Wine and Paint Party!

30th birthday party wine and paint

A wine and paint party is an ideal choice for a 30th birthday! You’re old enough to not be doing shots of tequila at a divey student bar, but still young enough to want to let your hair down. A paint ‘n’ sip is a great way to learn something new (turns out you can still learn a trick or two!) in a fun, social environment. 

Book a private painting party for the group or join one of our BYO paint ‘n’ sip events on Fridays and Saturdays!

2. Party Bus

Gather up your favourite people and party the night away without having to deal with unruly crowds, lines at the bar, or underwhelming music. Hire a party bus and customise everything just the way you like it. Exit your 20’s with panache by riding in style.

3. Harbour Bungy

Spent your 20’s doing everything by the book and ready to do something wild as you move into your next decade? Why not jump off a bridge! The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy is New Zealand’s only water touch bungy, meaning you’ll get a refreshing dip at the end of your thrilling drop.

4. Tree Adventures

Hark back to childhood and climb a tree! This tree-top obstacle course includes zip-lining, balance beams, rope ladders and more. Whether you’re a bit wobbly with heights or a Tarzan-style master, there’s a course to suit every level of climber.

5. Cake-Making Masterclass

If you’ve ever tried something from The Caker you’ll know these sweet treats are beloved for good reason. Learn how to make your own Caker cakes at one of their extraordinarily popular classes. A special surprise for the keen baker in your life!

Make your 30th birthday party one to remember with a wine and paint party for you and your pals!

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